Quality Filmmaking: Training Day

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In my opinion, a quality movie is a rare thing to find these days. I believe most movies out now all basically have the same feel, not that they are bad, but they simply are not memorable. I think a quality movie should incorporate a decent blend of good acting, cinematography, and directing; as well as a good story line which is compelling and holds your attention. The movie Training Day is a great example of this, which I along with many other people, feel incorporates the qualities I mentioned above.

The plot of the movie basically revolves around two people, crooked cop Alonzo Harris and Rookie Cop Jake Hoyt. Basically like the title suggest, Jake is partnered with Alonzo for a day of training to see if he qualifies to be an official LAPD narcotics officer. Alonzo has a nasty reputation for not treating victims very well, abusing suspects, handling drugs and other evidence in a questionable matter, and opening fire randomly. So, Jake must watch his own back with Alonzo because he doesn’t necessarily have Jake’s best interest in mind. Fed up with Alonzo’s mistreatment, Jake as well as a few citizens of LA confront Alonzo and in the end they kill him.

Training Day is packed with memorable scenes, most which put actor Denzel Washington in his position he is in today, a well known star. These scenes vary from action packed, to touching, funny; most of the scenes of the movie have a darker look adding to the effect of its mood. Here are a few memorable scenes which depict this:

These scenes are not only memorable, but to me they are the best ones which really gives you a feel of what the movie is about. They include great acting, cinematography, directing and more; these scenes truly make Training Day a quality movie and a memorable one at that.

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