Final Project: “Introspection”

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Here is my finished final project for DS106. It revolves around the idea of peace beginning with oneself, calling for us to dismantle ourselves from the inanimate, and reconnect with earth and it’s organic creations. I slightly deviated away from my original idea, as the musical transitions I had intended to implement into the video did not pair well with the visuals. So instead I opted for a more solemn and calming piece of music. I also ended up using another artist’s music instead of creating my own, as the process of creating my own began to feel more forced than natural, and didn’t seem to blend with the storyline. I used the song “Night” by Skyharbor. I felt it brought a peaceful mood to the film and the lyrics complimented the theme I was going for. I used iMovie to edit the clips. I ended up doing two exports in order to achieve the “video”letterbox effect along with the split screen. It was a trial and error process, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. Overall, the entire project kind of fell together in the end, as my intentions were very much ambiguous since the beginning. I just let it take it’s own course until it made some sense. Thankfully, it did. Much credit goes to my girlfriend, Alanna, for the exquisite acting! I hope the message I was trying to convey comes across. Enjoy!

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