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To start off with the process, I had to think about the ingredients that I wanted to stuff into the seaweed sheet as well as planning the time and other kitchen tools that I had to gather up. Usually, when you’re in the mood for some japanese food, sushi rolls can range up from $2.50 (In brooklyn) to $3.50 (Manhattan). But with just spending a few couple bucks (depending on what you want to put inside) you can make a lot of different types of sushi of your own choice and probably even eat almost twice the amount.

The following ingredients that I bought:
Cucumber – $.50
Seaweed Sheets (Comes in 7) – $1.69
Eel (2) – $7.99 (I bought 2 packs, so total was 15.98)
Eel sauce – $1.79
Crab sticks – $4.99
Rice – Homemade.
*Usually, the rice used is Japanese Style rice because it has a much more different texture, but I used the plain white rice, since I wanted to focus more on the stuffing.

Total: $24.95
^ That’s like 10 rolls = 60 pieces of sushi.
In the end, I made about 85 pieces of sushi. That’s like 14 rolls = $35 – $49.

Below are some pictures and the video:


Honestly, the whole process of spending quite some time in the grocery store and choosing all the stuff I had to gather, preparing the food, and just making it was a easy experience. I never thought in my life that I could've made sushi because I never thought much of the ingredients. The fastest way for me to get sushi was always to just get takeout. But the more I looked at the food separately, and how much it had cost. I figured I could've save myself a lot more money. Plus, I don't think I could ever make any of those special rolls for my life.

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