DS106 Reflection

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Storytelling can be transmitted through a plethora of mediums, and I feel that this class introduced me to a lot of new ways I can get my message across to others. Storytelling enables others to empathize with whatever it is you are exposing. It induces inspiration, interactions, and relationships in a way that could not be done before, especially in a web based format. With the tools I was given in this class, I gained a broad knowledge of how much of an impact any form of storytelling may have when made public. This class inspired me to be more creative in my approach to digital storytelling, and helped me understand it’s premise. My favorite projects to do revolved around things I already really enjoyed doing. One of which was the remix a song project, and the other was the “Serenity Now” short film, which eventually inspired my final project. The whole idea of remixing an old idea is the basis of most of the creative direction I take in what I am doing. This is something I wasn’t entirely cognizant of before this class. Now, however, it is a metacognitive process that has improved the means at which I try to get my point across; whether through video, audio, or still imaging. Overall, it was an interesting experience.

Lastly, for students considering this class, I would definitely advise them to take it. It is not simply a computer technology class, but an art class, that allows you to express an idea in numerous ways, but showcase it in a digital format.

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