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Well, this was vey hard to pick something that you like or did and expand on it or take something that you learned and create a whole new project. I enjoyed mashing up videos and was very pleased on all the videos assignments that I did. So I decided that I wanted to do some form of video for the final project. I was hoping to create something like the movie “Austin Powers“. I thought it was really funny. However it became difficult to find multiple movies that contain that type of dialogue. I definitely had in mind South Park when Erick Cartman was in the class room.

So that was not a success, then I change my project into something else that I did that I was pleased. My Animated Comic book that came to life Storm’s Stormy Cover.  I was thinking on expanding it and taking a whole coming book cover to cover and animating it how ever the pages were hard to find individually so it looks like you’re turning the page. all the comics I found where all printed on the same page as one image.

Finally decided to do xtranormal, the difficult part was looking for something to transform it and making the story come to life. The project that stood in my head that really enjoyed was the student who took arguments from twitter and made it into an extraordinary story. My project was chosen.

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