“Half Broke Horses”

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A few days ago I finished Jeannette Walls’ true novel “Half Broke Horses”. Did I mention I finished it in one day? I absolutely loved this book, which is not surprising considering how much I loved her memoir “The Glass Castle”.

Instead of this novel being about her, this novel is about the life of her grandmother, Lily. I thought that this novel was phenomenally written and I felt as if it were her grandmother speaking to me right off the page. Lily, born in 1910, had a very colorful and hard life and I feel as if I learned a lot of history through this novel.

I don’t know if I wish that I read this novel before her memoir. What I mean is that this novel really gives a good background story from another perspective of Walls’ mother Rosemary. For those of you who read her memoir, you know that Walls’ parents were a little cooky to say the least. Due to this book, you see from a mother’s perspective what Rosemary and even Walls’ father Rex were like before having kids.

I loved how Lily was a teacher (hmm…I wonder why). I think it’s crazy how back then teachers taught children of all ages. Once I am a teacher I will obviously have a class of a specific age group. I can’t imagine having to teach children of all different levels, must have been very challenging!

Walls says: “Teaching is a calling, too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their own way are holy angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.” I really loved that quote and thought it would be very nice for fellow teachers to see.

All in all, I really recommend this book! And of course if you have not read “The Glass Castle” I recommend that you read that as well! Happy reading :)


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