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Today I signed up for hot yoga in Long Beach, NY for my last few weeks home until I go back up to school.  As some of you may know, I did hot yoga in Ithaca, NY with my roommate and loved it.  So, I decided to give myself this experience before the school year begins once more!


The instructor started off by talking about making one’s life simple.  “Sometimes life gets too complicated,” she began, “With all of our gadgets like Iphones, computers, Ipads, etc sometimes our life becomes overwhelmed with stuff.  We need to simplify our life, get rid of all that is unwanted….”


What she said really spoke to me.  There really is a lot of stuff, for lack of better words, in our lives.  From physical items to mental baggage we are always carrying something around.  Sometimes I want to rid myself of everything from cell phone to TV and just be me.  This way when I leave my phone for twenty minutes I won’t come back to a missed call or a few text messages and maybe I won’t feel as if I always need to do something.  I feel like I am expected to do so much: be at one job at a certain time, leave on time to be at the next job, see this friend, spend time with my family, and the list goes on.  What about me?  Where is the time I leave out for myself?  Lately, I just don’t.  Which is another reason why I decided to start hot yoga again:  it gives me at least an hour and a half of “me” time.


Simplicity is something I shall strive for.  Something I think we all should.  I think the most important thing is to achieve simplicity mentally.  Are there any grudges you need to let go of?  Any person you need to forgive?  Something you need to do to make something right?  What is the wait for?  Let it go, do what you need to do!  When something is bothering you from the inside, it shows on the outside.


On that note, everyone think about your selves every now and then.  Remember that you are just as important as all the other “stuff” you need to do.



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