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Just recently I read a magazine dedicated to Marilyn, but held off on posting until the 50th anniversary of her death. When I think of Marilyn a few words come to mind: beautiful, a legend, trend setter, funny, smart, an icon, rule breaker, and the list can go on. But most importantly, what most people do not realize, is that she was a tortured soul.


From not having a loving home to grow up in, becoming sexually active (not by choice) at a very young age, having to give up a baby boy in her early teens, and being in the spot light at all times when she finally made it, all Marilyn ever wanted was to be accepted and loved.


That is a universal longing along many people. Everyone could relate to that, can’t they? I know that I can admit that I have felt that way before.
It is just amazing to me that a woman like Marilyn is still iconic today. When I went to Italy I saw pictures of her everywhere. No matter where you go, you will see at least one picture or emblem of her. She is still popular and timeless and still somebody that females look up to. Marilyn is a role model to me. She was a full figured, beautiful person who changed things for women. Her sexuality broke boundaries.


Even though she played a lot of “dumb blonde” rolls, she was definitely not a dumb blonde. According to my magazine, she had over 400 books in her library before she died from John Steinbeck to Shakespeare. One of my favorite things that she said was, “I want to grow old without face-lits. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made.” I love this because in our time, everyone gets botox or plastic surgery. I wish that all women would be loyal to their original faces, you were born that way for a reason.


For some reason, I’ve always admired Marilyn. Or shall I say Norma Jean? Something about her always resonated within me, always tug at my heart strings. She was a misunderstood highly sexualized female who went through a lot of hard things. After finishing this magazine which highlighted everything from her birth to her mysterious death, I almost cried. I feel for her, and I hope that wherever Marilyn may be, she finds her peace.


Rest in peace to a beautiful woman.


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