Thinking More Positively

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I am a large believer in positive thinking. If you think your days going to suck, its going to have to be pretty incredible for it not to suck, but if you wake up with a positive mind set, theres almost no problem that can’t be solved. After listening to a Ted talk, here are my 5 things that I try to do each day to keep me positive thinking. I promise if you do at least 3 of these each days for 21 days, you will reconfigure your mind.

1. Gratitude- Each day write down 3 things that you are appreciative of.
2. Mediditation- There are so many things to distract us, so much ADD, this will help you focus.
3. Journaling- Write down 1 thing your happy for each day.
4. Exercise- Always a stress relief
5. Random Act of Kindness- Write a letter to a friend, Pick up some trash, give food gift cards to homeless folks.

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