Last First Day of School!

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Today is my first day of Senior year…where did the time go??  I remember my first day of freshman year when I moved into my dorm and I was so nervous!  I remember thinking that four years were going to go by so slow!  But now I laugh at myself, and am a little angry for not cherishing every single moment!


So, in honor of my regret of not cherishing every moment of my earlier years here, I decided that I will start with this semester!  I took an easier course load so I can actually enjoy my last semester here, therefore, I have no excuse not to have fun! College is first and foremost about school, but of course, everyone needs to let loose.


Crazy to think that in just a few short months I will be student teaching and I will be forced into adult world.  This is my last chance to not have real worries and enjoy myself.  I really hope that all incoming freshman are enjoying their time in school because I am SO jealous of them right now.  I would do anything to be a freshman again.

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