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Media Of the Week:

Robert Hughes video on “what art is” made me think of this proper perspective to art. He dissected art as he sat in his classy outfit in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is a great appreciation of the art placed in museums and such. However, Robert, in all his fanciness, denied this movement of art towards insignificance. Art is expression, feeling, and meaning of an individual and their experiences. It is not created to Avoid feeling but to provoke it. Hughes talked about children and their view of the world around them. There is so much beauty in a child’s perspective. As adults we are taught to avoid feeling and forget to see the beauty of the world around us. Children may have much to learn, but, I believe we have much to learn from children.

Stephen Johnson video on “Where Ideas Come From” was entertaining. With each point he spoke of he engaged the viewer with a doodle. His point was ¬†expressed through art and creativity. Johnson talked about Ideas, good ideas, and how they take time. He said the creation of a good idea starts with a slow hunch, evolves over time, and is eventually produced by a collision of smaller hunches. I agree with Stephen. In my own life i’ve seen this be true. Short and rushed ideas don’t develop. But ideas i let sit slowly become greater and greater. A few years ago I had and idea to travel the country in a VW bus. As the idea was constantly in the back of my mind new experiences help add to the idea. Last Spring I went on a alternative spring break with Habitat for Humanity. This organization has a RV program for volunteers. This information added to my idea as a reason for my travels. This idea has been slowly growing and last year my boyfriend bought a VW bus. The hunch has collide with other hunches and is in the progress of becoming something great. Also, for style points, I was cool that at the end all of Johnson’s doodles came together to be one light bulb.

Cage’s list of rules opens the doors creativity. He challenges us to squeeze everything we can out ¬†of learning, creating, and experiences. Pursuing everything without the fear of failure is hard, but allows for greatness. Mistakes are learning experiences and we should us them, along with the examples of others, to grow. Cage reminds us the creating should be something joyful.

Daily Creates:

Ocean Blue

Daily Creates are pretty cool. It can be a little frustrating trying to figure out the websites and how to use them. But, that’s part of learning so hopefully it will become easier and more enjoyable.

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DS106! Week one! This class is a lot of time at the computer trying to figure out how everything works. It is a lot of trying to figure out why things aren’t doing what you want them to. However, it’s fun to create things through the medium of the internet. This is a skill I definitely want to acquire so I’m glad to be here. :) It’s pretty cool to have our own websites and freedom to create.


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