Toes on The Nose

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I love to surf so of course my favorite films are surf documentaries. Women surfers on the Roxy Team were featured in a film called Dear and Yonder. A movie about the presence of women in the ocean. There is wave after wave of skillful short boarders and graceful long boarders. This Frame shows one of the most elegant maneuvers of long boarding. She pulls in to a perfect, chest-high, “A” frame wave. She bottom turns into the pocket of the wave. Then, at the perfect point, she cross steps to the front of her board. She dangles her toes of the end. TOES ON THE NOSE!!

I uploaded this clip from youtube using Fast Free Youtube Downloader. That was pretty nifty. The actual making of the GIF was the easy part. The difficulties lied in getting apps to work and URLs to show up. But after cutting the film, I uploaded the frames as layers in Gimp. Saved it to my desktop, and WAHHLAHH!!!



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