What Tom Hanks Thinks About Me Making GIFs

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I need to laugh like this more often.


This assignment sucked.  It made me cry.  Many many times.  Actually, it just made me cry again, as I just finished typing it up, and when I clicked save, it deleted all of my writing, saving only the GIF.

What would I like to do?  I’d like to cry, and scream, and throw my laptop across the room. All week long I’ve grapped with this project, just to have it go buggy on me time and time again in tons of weird ways just like this.  But you know what?  I’d rather not cry.

I’d rather laugh, just like my good friend Tom Hanks here.  It really doesn’t matter what goes wrong, I may get mad at it, and I may cry a bit, but in the end, I’m going to laugh at it.  Because what the heck good is it gonna do to cry, anyway?

I used about every resource known to man to look into how to do this project.  I even asked my friends on Facebook, checked it on ehow, and read tutorials on gimp.org.  Of course, in the end, I followed the advice in the handbook at ds106.  And here’s the end result.

But the most valuable lesson of the week?  Computers still hate me.  But that’s alright.  I’ll deal.  And I’ll remind them whose fingers have the ability to hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys.  Just sayin.


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