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WARNING!!  Boring administrative post incoming!!  :)

I was one of those who fell for that annoying little trick and accepted the /wordpress subdomain WordPress automatically offered us during initial setup.  Man, did I ever pay for that.  Justin and I both pulled our hair out for a while trying to figure out how to fix this and redirect visitors to to my actual blog at, where the actual good stuff is.  I never would have figured it out without my husband’s help, and even he struggled.  So, I feel bad for the rest of you stuck like I was, and wanted to help.  So here ya go.  I hope this helps.

Go to UMW Domains and log in.

Click on the Websites and Domains tab at the top.

Click on File Manager.

Click on the httpdocs folder in the list of files. (I know this section looks scary.  It is.  I messed a few things up in the process. We managed to fix it.)

Find your file in this list named index.html, and click on the little pencil icon under the Tools column.

Replace entire contents with this (it’s just easier to show you the final product than to tell you the details of what we deleted, what we replaced, what we left, and where to put it all in relation to each other…just copy and paste this, with full permission:):

<!doctype html>
<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />


**HINT: Make SURE you replace the ‘yourdomainname’ part with your domain name, lol.  By the time I got to the part where I had replaced all the proper coding, I almost forgot to do this. :)

If you want there to be a delay before your visitors are redirected, then insert a number higher than ’0′ after CONTENT=”0;  I saw no sense in having a delay, so I set mine to 0.

EXTRA-IMPORTANT TIP!!  After you’ve copied and pasted the above html code, please go back and delete, then retype the quotation marks (“).  Apparently, once filtered through my theme, it changes my original straight quotations into curly ones, and html does NOT like curly quotations.  If you don’t do this, you will get a blank screen when you type in, because you have cleared out what was originally there, but haven’t clarified what it should display instead, or where it should go.  I know, silly.  But it works, and it’s for real.  See the issues the original crew below had and Martha’s fix. :)

Don’t mess with any of the settings at the bottom (or at least you don’t have to) like Save as Unix and whatnot.  I forgot to hit save before I hit ‘OK’, but it still worked fine.  It may take a second, but after you  hit ok, you should almost immediately be able to type in, without the /wordpress, and see it redirected to your blog.

Final note: when you want to get to your WordPress dashboard, you still need to type in  If you just type in, you will get that dreaded 404 error.  Redirecting your domain to your subdomain has not changed where your dashboard is. :)

I hope this helps.  Looks like Martha has tweaked and approved of this method, though I’ll let you know if an easier way comes out later! :)

Hopefully, pics to come later to help make this a bit clearer.  Just wanted to get *something* out there.  Good luck!

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