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Initially when I decided to make this I didn’t know which movie I wanted to do this on. After a while of debating I found some inspiration from my roommates watching a movie that was playing on ABC Family. I decided to my animated gif on MEAN GIRLS! I chose a very popular scene when Regina trying on a dress for the prom at a store where they only sell clothing in a size 1, 3, or 5. Usually Regina would have had no problem fitting into a size 5 dress, but since her so-called best friend Cady has been strategizing ways to ruin her diet by giving her nutritional bars that help make someone gain weight (she tells her that they will help her lose weight) Regina has gain a few pounds.

I decided to use a website that I found online to put the pictures all together and make the animated gif. All I basically had to do was upload the pictures and it did the rest! Here is the website I used:

And here is my animated gif! It is not perfect but I hope you enjoy it! :

Mean Girls

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