How to apply Kurt Vonnegut’s Idea to Anything

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After watching the video on Kurt Vonnegut the model that I decided to imitate was the last model that he described. I’m going to name that model the “Cinderella Model”. At first I really couldn’t think of any stories other than the ones all based off the same storyline about Cinderella. Then after pondering the concept he presented I realized that there are a ton of stories, movies, books, and etc. that use this concept! An it just so happens that all of the ones that popped up in my head were the ones that have grossed in million of dollars!

For example, lets look at the Harry Potter series. This storyline uses a boy: whose parents have died; is stuck living with his awful aunt, uncle-in-law, and cousin; and who is forced to do all the housework and not treated nearly as decent as his cousin. Once he becomes a teenager he finds out that he is a wizard and that a whole new world exists out there that he has only dreamed about. However, this new world of witches and wizards in by no means a walk in the park for Harry. Over the 7 books Harry goes through tremendous ups & downs! But he always manages to keep his head above water with the help of his friends and others that he meets throughout his journey’s!

Here is a picture from the first Harry Potter Movie showing the boats that brings all the new students to the castle of Hogwarts.:

I think that this picture symbolizes the point high point that Vonnegut was explaining about the Cinderella Model. Harry is just arriving to a new location that is the only link to his parents. He is actually in a environment where he can be his true self, meet friends, and can actually have fun for the first time in his life. However, this high point also marks the point were he will experience a great deal of trouble and many obstacles to come on his first year at Hogwarts.

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