How would you describe Storytelling?

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When I think of storytelling the first few things that pop up in my mind are usually a group of people gathered around in a circle, someone in the middle of that group (the storyteller), and the nighttime, beds, and flashlights. These things pop up in my mind because when I was younger and was a yearly camper I remember being in this type of environment when someone was telling a story. I also rememeber the smell of being outside in the outdoors, the smell of roasting marshmellows, people laughing, people singing, and the sound of a crackling fire.

When I think of digital storytelling I think about something totally different. I believe that digital storytelling is when someone simply takes any elements that they want and creates a story through technology. The story can be about anything and can be told through different technological tools or programs.

I do think however, that both storytelling and digital storytelling are the same in terms of the storyteller having the power to create their own story anyway they want to.

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