Third Weekly Summary

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Here is the link to my Animated GIF from last week:

Animated GIF

Here is the link to my thoughts on Storytelling:

blog page

Here is the link to my Daily Creates for this week:

Daily Creates

Here is the link to Tell A Story in 5 Frames Post:

Tell Story in 5 Frames

Here is the link to my Post on Kurt Vonnegut:

Kurt Info

This week I attempted to get a total of five comments on my animated gif and storytelling blog posts. (The first two links) So far I only have 2 comments. So I’m hoping by next week that since I finally have mastered the skill of tagging my work that I will start recieving more comments on my posts! I did reply to all the comments that I have so far on all my blog posts so I have not been having in trouble in that department! I also am stepping up my participation as we speak by viewing other students blog post and commenting on them!

Week Three overall was still a bit of a challenge. The main thing that I had to work on this week was making sure I tag all my post correctly so that they will show up on the DS106 website. I finally figured out that I don’t need the hashtag sign that I normally would use on Twitter. This has been one of my big issues this week since all my post weren’t showing up on the course website. However, now that I have it down pack I think that I will have no more problems with getting other students to comment on my work! Other than that Week Three has been ok!

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