A Past DS106 that Inspired me

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This week we were asked to look on the in[SPIRE] page and pick one of the past works done by a student who has taken this course and blog about it. When viewing the page this work stuck out to me the most and I immediately feel in love with it! The fact that it is in your face, captures your attention, and is going against the normal is what makes it the shit. This photo is a digitalstory because it gets out a huge message to millions in just one picture.

Fuck Valentines Day

This immediatley reminded me of the Feminist United Meeting that I went to last week where we were discussing a topic that brought us on the subject of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has become this overly commericalized holiday that pressures everyone to go out and spend money to show another person that you really care about them. Like really? You should be showing that person everyday that you care about them! Not just one day out the year! I think this photo speaks to a way bigger issue that we as a society have as a whole.

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