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This week I tuned into some crazy tunes at ds106radio. On Wednesday, when I first tuned in, most of the music was very electronic. It was pretty cool. Definitely some foot thumping music. haha. At one point, the listeners peaked to six. But after a while, it was just me and one other person tuned in. I enjoyed it, listening to new artist I’d never heard of. I found it comical that by the end we had gone from techno to country! Can’t get this on your normal radio stations! I asked for a live broadcast and got a quick response. Sounded like Alan Levine? hmmmm.

His broadcast made me laugh because it was random. He just spoke about what he was doing. Being human like Ira Glass talks about in his video. I even got a shout out!! Haha. How awesome, getting to be a part of the broadcast.

Also listened to a radio story from The Truth. I will blog about that later so stay tuned.


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