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There are many techniques to audio storytelling. This week I listened to several by the board casting group called Truth. Check them and and read my analysis.

Eat Cake

This guy calls people, he doesn’t know, every valentines day. He just picks random people in a phone book and calls them. This valentines he called a girl that happened to be making a new valentine tradition of making cake SHE wanted and going to a movie SHE liked. The phone guy broke his tradition (of never meeting the people he calls) by deciding to actual meet this girl. They came together, met for the first time, and described each other out loud. That gave the listener a visual picture of the characters. The story came to a close as they got kicked out of the movie theater. Together, they made a new tradition of eating coconut cake!
They use sound effects that made me feel like I was actually there. The coughing made me quench. The story is being told by a director, but, Lucy interrupts telling the story in first person. Such technique is displayed by foley artists. This was a sad story about friends being with held because of sickness. However Lucy has a urge to meet this online friend, taking her husbands mask, she attempts to go down the street. But, she chickened out. This is a sad story and almost weird. However, it opened my eyes to challenges of people with Lucy’s sickness The background music played through out the story pulled on my heart. It was just the right tune to recognize that the story was sad.
The background chatter in the beginning of the story made me feel as though I was in the classroom. Being a teacher is so difficult. Trying to control and teach rebellious kids what they don’t want to learn has to be frustrating.  And, it drives Mr. Mohr to insanity. But, he teaches the lesson in a way that the kids will never forget. In time of panic, the worst and best came out of people. Although the story was very tragic, it is a story also of courage. The sound effects made the story seem so real. The story was different from “Lucy and the Bike Girl” that it was not told by a narrater. It was like listening into someone’s life. I was there to hear everything that happened not just a summary.

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