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This week we were asked to watch a couple of videos about to experts Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad discussing radio storytelling. Glass gives out some amazing tips on how to make radio storytelling a success. I felt that Glass’s overall point in his videos was to make viewers realize that radio storytelling is a lot of work. You have to be prepared that everything you create and do is not going to be perfect just because your idea seems like it will be. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT THAT WAY! He states over and over again you have to work on making your story has sequenced events that follow and make sense and that you have reflection in your story. You have to draw the listeners in and keep them interested! Which also in turns means that you have to only use the material that does this! YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR TOUGHEST CRITIC! However, he also places a huge emphasis about acting like yourself (not like a robot or how you think you should act) and being comfortable with conversation. Basically it is all about finding balance and figuring out what works best and trying and testing different things out.

I didn’t really like Abumrad’s video as much as Glass’ videos. He did make some valid points however about making sure your story creates a connection between you and your listeners. I found his emphasis on the power of the human voice to be the most interesting part though. I feel that as long as individuals keep put emphasis on making a connection with their listeners and allowing the power of their voice to be fully used that radio will still be around long after many of us are gone!

I plan on keeping all of their advice in the back of my head when I start to work with my group on our upcoming project.

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