Audio Techniques and Listening to Stories

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I decided to listen to The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar and I have to say it was a pretty cool story!

I felt that using audio to tell the story was so effective! (I read it in print and lets just say the music and voice dynamics definitely helped it out) Like Jad Abumrad said making a connection with your listener is very important. I felt that the music and voice dynamics connected me more to the story! It drew me in and I actually was able to make an emotional connection with what I was listening too! The producers used music to add dynamics to the story for example the part when they spoke of the conflicting news headlines it played mysterious music. The technique used in this story was the producers gave background information on the kidnapping and then jumped into modern time to determine how the mystery ties into modern-day times and showed how things were done in the past. All I could think of was how lucky we are today to have modern science and technology!

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