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So, I’ve tuned in to ds106 radio a few times before, but never for quite as long as I did today.

Okay, so honestly, last time I listened, it was because my husband had turned it on from his laptop, and I overheard it.  :)   It was pretty timely, too.  He and I had just finished putting together a video of outtakes from our very first daily create submission.  In our opinions, it was rather epic, but we were pretty sure no one else would appreciate it.  Until, that is, we heard Alan start reading the post out loud from Martha‘s twitter post on it.

Never having listened to ds106 radio before, this froze me a bit.  Still, it was pretty cool.

The coolest part, I think, was hearing Alan go through the process of trying to shorten his tweet to fit the max character limit.  The initial response was something along the lines of ‘#ds106 like a boss.’  That made me happy. :D

It was a good intro to ds106 radio.

But, like most things, I don’t tend to make a habit of something until I’ve been forced to try it myself, so that was the last time I listened to ds106 radio until this week, when it was assigned again for class.

So, like a good little girl, I found ds106 radio on Twitter, and followed it, and began watching the posts to look for someone to go live.  Fortunately, the ds106 radio community is more than happy to oblige.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one listening to Leslie, either!

Pretty neat.  I had a blast listening in.  The baby I was watching, however, enjoyed it in a different way.

Falling asleep to ds106 Radio

Nighty-night, baby. <3

My favorite part, though, was when Leslie saw my post on Twitter and gave me a shout-out.  When she said my name, my almost-7-yr-old son was SHOCKED.  His eyes got so wide, and he just beamed.

And you know, anybody who makes my kids smile and my babies sleep have GOT to be on my good list.


I have to add, as an update, I did come back later on in the week and tune in a few more times, while ds106 radio was on AutoDJ – nobody was live, just a pre-made playlist cycling through.  I have to admit, I LOVE AutoDJ.  There’s not a single style of music unrepresented, from country, to eclectic, to Indie, to alternative, to folkie, to rap, to SCHOOLHOUSEROCK!!!!  #SOLD  :D

I’m glad to have found it, and gotten used to tuning in on my own.  The variety and casual/laidback environment that has been created with it is definitely my style.

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