How to Photo Collage

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There are several great ways to create a photo collage.

One great and free source I found for this is :

When the homepage for this website comes up there will be a “Create Collage” button on the left. Click that button and allow it to load.

Next, choose the format of your collage. For this Visual Assignment You will need to collage two pictures side by side. So, on the left side of the page click the icon with 3 boxes. The  ” Ducks in a Rom” format will have what you need. Click on “Ducks in a Row” and select the option with 2 rectangles (should be the first option).

Two boxes should now be on the main part of the page. Above these boxes click “upload” and upload the two pictures you’d like to collage.

After uploading you can drag the photos to the box you desire.



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