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I created a visual assignment today! You should all try it!

Chicken Collage

Over the summer I had chickens and for some reason thought that was super cool. I was so excited to collect my own eggs for breakfast in the morning. The real chickens in this photo are the one’s I had. I named the bright yellow one sunshine for obvious reasons ( haha that’s questionable). Sadly, she ended up being a he. Roosters are not fun early in the morning. So, I went to college and my mom gave them away. But, with chickens on my mind that summer, I couldn’t help but notice this strange contraption in someone’s yard. A family in South Carolina mad a chicken coop that  WAS a chicken.

I used several Tools to created this Collage. I used iphoto to upload, and edit my photos. Then I used to create the collage. More details on the process to come in my tutorial on this assignment. So stay tuned!

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