Ready, Set, Blitz.

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For this weeks assignment, we had to create pictures to satisfy several different categories. The catch? We only had 20 minutes.

My friend Lauren and I ventured downtown by our college to complete this photo scavenger hunt.

On your mark, Get Set,



Make an object look supernatural.


As I walked down the road that morning, the sun was still low in the sky. To my left i noticed a small park. All the trees were illuminated with the sun. The sun’s rays behind the trees got caught in the green leaves and gave a supernatural look.

Picture from an unusual perspective?

unusual perspective

Old bricks created a path from the street to someone’s home. Green moses beautifully painted the way. Sometimes we don’t notice the things beneath our feet.. so I gave the perspective of an ant on the way to you house. A small brick is a mountain to them! But, at least the view is nice.



I made it down to the river. This was the first place that came to mind for the word “openness”.  From the bridge you can see the river flow, openly, as far as they eye can comprehend.

Picture dominated by One Color


I turned the corner and saw a small tent down the street. Crunched for time I almost avoided this possible adventure. I gave in though, I’m a sucker for farmers markets. It’s fall! Collared greens! Usual fall means colors of red, orange, and brown. Still lots of green thought.

Human Emotion

human emotion

On my walk back to the main road, after my detour to the farmers market, I noticed this painted on the wall of an alley. I didn’t know what to interpret the message as at first. We talk about our hearts a lot. Where our hearts desire to be. What our heart wants. People say their heart hurts. What does that even mean? Life literally is dependent on the human heart. It pumps the blood of life through our veins. Yet, we attach our emotions to the heart too. So are emotions just as important in our life? Let me ask you, what decisions did you make today and how many of those were determined by how you felt? Is it too bold to say that feeling empty can be compared to death? There is space in our hearts that must be filled by SOMETHING. What is that something that will make us go from DEATH to LIFE. We, as humans, try to fill this space with money, friends, sex, drugs, fill in the blank. I don’t know though, how long have those things lasted you? Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but, there’s still space. All that just doesn’t do it…. Honestly, I didn’t mean to write all this. But here’s what I’ve discovered, take it how you want: Jesus Christ.  Ya, i know, that freaks you out. “That’s the guy they talk about in church and religions not my thing” or you know some people who say they love Jesus but they treated you like crap.” I’m sorry. I’m sorry those things have kept you from filling that space in your heart. I’m telling you from what I know. God loves you and created you to feel completed. He wants to pour into your heart and is the ONLY one that can truly fill up the space. So Let Him. John 4: 1 – 26.


The End..

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