An Old Fart Date Night

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It’s Friday night.  Both kids are gone.  I’m home alone, and hubby is just getting off of work.

Holy cow, a night to ourselves?! What is this?!  What should we do???

I know!  How about if we brought home pizza (thank you, Dominos, for offering GF pizza), wine, beer, and ice cream, change into sweats, play guitar and sing (i.e. practice for church Sunday), and play with the new Camera Awesome app on hubby’s phone!!  YES!!

Justin decided to show me one of the cool features of the Camera Awesome app. He propped up the phone on my laptop screen and we positioned ourselves for a picture, which was to take after a few seconds (so we had time to get ready after hitting the button).  So we got all ready and posed.  And then the thing kept taking pictures, every second after, for a good little while.  At first it scared me. And then it cracked me up, and I decided to go with it.  But still I couldn’t do much more than spit my tongue out before Justin had me cracking up laughing again. I’m so not entertaining.

But we had a blast.  Think what you want of our date night.  It was exactly what we needed, and a whole lotta fun.  And I decided to use the experience to see if I could make a blog post with a collection of photos.  Looks like I did alright! :)


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