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Somebody around me is making music??  Well, of course they are!  If we were to create a family crest, music notes, and perhaps some sort of instrument, would be MUSTS.  Music is a HUGE part of who we are as a family.  Unfortunately, this was posted on a day when I would be gone all evening for a class, so I asked my hubby to record our daughter singing in the shower for me.  He forgot.  So instead, I secretly recorded him playing around with his guitar the next day.  It cracks me up that he still hasn’t noticed this.  But truly, I think it’s only fair. ;)

This is the background music of my life, and when I’ve gone too long without it for whatever reason, the void is intensely-felt.  I’m completely spoiled, and I confess, I record him often when he’s playing around (and sometimes singing), whether he knows it or not.  I just like having the sound of music being made casually, even though I rarely pull it up to listen to it. #creeperwife ;)   Whatever, I don’t care.  Honestly, I never could understand girls falling for the band-members and singers and such…didn’t get the appeal, even though I always have loved music.  But with this guy, it gets me every time, and I get giddy every single time he picks up any kind of guitar. :)


Caelan the awesome

Bald is beautiful!!  I must really love bald people, cuz I’m always playing with one little bald person or another.  The most recent one is the child of a dear friend of mine – what a privilege to get to take care of the baby of one of my best friends from high school! What a privilege to even still be friends!  We’ve both left and gone so far, and now here we are, close as ever and raising kids together.  It’s one of the greatest joys of my life. :)



Draw an abstract picture of your favorite animal.  Well, honestly, I don’t know if I ever really have a favorite animal.  But on this particular day, I had taken my son and the 2-yr old I watch sometimes to the local library, and the 2-yr old picked out a particularly hilarious book about penguins.  So for today, penguins were my favorite.  I’m absolutely no good at drawing, or abstract concepts, much less drawing, and I’ve never before used a digital drawing program.  But, I decided it was time to branch out and try it.  This is a ‘digital’ course, after all.  So, crappy as it is, here’s my best abstract penguin. :)   Hopefully he at least makes you giggle.


Interrupting sounds!  This was the assignment on my sister’s birthday.  My friend Tara and I racked our brains all day long trying to figure out what to do, and laughing at ourselves at how much more difficult this task was than we expected it to be.  Two unrelated sounds? Shouldn’t be difficult, right?  But man, we never did get it done.  So on my way home, I decided to interrupt my radio with the sound of a cup smashing the dial off.  Fun, and done.  :)

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