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I honestly don’t know tooo many bald people. I know lots of people with receding hair lines,  but not totally bald. Luckly, I thought of one for my daily create. This is Troy, my boss and friend. He is one of the founders of the Surf Company where I teach surf lessons. He is known for his bald head! : People say “Troy? …Oh yeah the bald guy?”. I’ve grown up surfing and well, learning to surf from this guy. Here is Troy everyone!


Everyone has a sign for their business. It’s those businesses that use art to advertise that capture my attention. Crab House has painted their name and cute little animation above their door. Simple, but i noticed it!


Yellow is a beautiful color you can never have too much of it.  As an artist i know this too be true. Although my picture is not extremely dominated by yellow, yellow is in each part of the painting. Yellow is in the sun and therefore used to tone each color of the sunset. Then, the yellow from the sun kisses the tips of the tree branches. Yellow was even mixed in to make the color of the wood and the lake grass. Yep, can’t get enough yellow.



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