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This visual assignment is ‘Art Comes to Life.’  The assignment is to recreate a famous painting in a real-life photo, and represents three out of my 10 stars this week.

To try to capture the essence of the Mona Lisa, I did some research on what was so special about the painting, anyway.  I found out that DaVinci was the first to begin doing portraits from the waist up, hands folded in the lap, more intimate view.  He was also the first to give a slight blur to the background, to draw focus toward the portrait of the person itself.  He is also praised for how realistic the painting of Mona, or Mrs. Lisa is.

So I decided to try to wear modern garb, while still dark, try to capture the general setting (my poor husband must have photographed me in front of about 5 different bodies of water), and use Instagram to pale the colors and blur the background a bit – abilities on the iPhone camera are impressive for a phone, but still very limited.  Here’s what I came up with in the end.

Modern Mrs Me

I most definitely did NOT get the dark aspect of the shot.  Like at all.  Nothing here is dark enough, not even my black shirt.  But what about the expression.  Ambiguous enough, you think?

This was really difficult. Please share with me and tell me what you think I could have done to make this work better.  I think I was too focused on finding a body of water to shoot in front of (which is behind me in this shot, but not visible as it turned out in what we thought was the best shot).  I’m just not sure how to pull this one off better.  Let me know what you think! It was a lot of fun trying, anyway – I hope I at least kind of caught the spirit of the work. :)

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