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Aw, geez, you mean you want me to say that I like something that I made?? :P

Alright, I’ll try to at least decide what’s the best of my stuff, compared to the rest of my own stuff.  I guess I can do that.

Being a little bit on the OCD side of life, I love organizing things.  Not that I always DO organize things…who has time for that mess? But when I have a good excuse to do it, I absolutely love it. :)   So I got a little excited when I saw that Flickr has the ability to organize your shots into sets.

And this week, I set up a Best Of kind of set of my own work.  *sigh*  I don’t like doing it, but I did it.

In going through the photos I’d uploaded up to this point, I decided that the ones that I took this Friday were by far my favorites.  That’s not surprising, considering that’s the day that I started trying to apply some of the ideas I’d read about in the ds106 Week 5 Assignment page.  Even with a baby in a carrier around my torso, I did my best to pay attention to lighting, angles, perspectives, and framing on the photos I shot.  And I did come out with one very decidedly favorite shot.

I particularly liked this shot

I know it’s not really anything particularly special, but I took quite a few shots from this perspective, and noticed a definite improvement throughout my efforts.  I really liked this particular spot, and couldn’t quite capture what I wanted out of it.  I played around with the lighting a bit, by changing the angles of my phone a bit, and was able to bring out the colors a lot better than in previous attempts.  I adjusted my perspective a bit, and was able to get the beautiful, colonial-style home across the river in the shot.  And at this particular moment, one of my son’s legs happens to be about perfectly parallel to the tree in the right corner of the shot, and I thought that added a neat effect to the overall scene.

This particular spot is the place that the ferry used to come across the river, which was much wider at the time that George Washington lived up the hill from this spot.  Though the ferry’s close proximity to his home was often an annoyance to the family, it also gave his family a far closer connection to the fashions and events of the motherland than almost anybody else of that time.

Lots of  history, beautiful scenery, an adorable little boy, and a little bit of a better perspective. :) Small, but still progress.  I hope every day I can say the same.

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