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This week was all about photography. It was an adventures week of going out into the world with an eye for ever detail. I looked into pickler earlier this week and took other advice with me as I photographed for assignments. My too favorite things to do were to make contrast and find a different perspective. Actually, I enjoy taking old pictures and finding a new perspective then I has when taking the photo. Light is important. This week I learned to use natural light to portray things in my photography. As you will see in my assignments, I used the sunlight to make an object look supernatural.

My friend Lauren and I went downtown to complete this weeks photo blitz. However, as our creativity began turning, we quickly separated. As we tried to obtain each photo challenge our eyes noticed many different perspectives on the world around us. My photo blitz blog:


I also enjoyed viewing the outcome of other’s photo blitz.

Some of my favorited:

litter anywhere


mostly blue

these three are my favorite because they each express the beauty of the outdoors.

I took advantage of tools on flickr this week. I grouped some of my favorite pictures together in a set. I named the set Impact as I believe each photo expresses some impact others of myself have had. I had trouble getting my set literally imbedded on this post because flickr wouldn’t accept my WordPress password. Grrr. But do not despair the blog and set are still awesome.


My daily creates this week brought back fond thoughts. Some were memories of old friends others were of traveling and art. Check them out and read the story behind each one : http://livegraced.com/2012/10/daily-creating-3/

I dove into a lot of different visual assignments this week. Each one required different techniques. Some such as, color splashing photos, were new to me. Each one is different so enjoy!





I actually did a lot with the visual assignments this week. I even wrote up two tutorials. One on photo splashing and the other on collaging.  Also, I made my own visual assignment!!! I enjoy photography. It is probably my favorite focus of the course.

Our team decided to do a radio show as if we are on a road trip. I am very excited about this! Not only because i think it will open a lot of possibilities for dialogue, but because I LOVE Road trips!

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