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Yay for Veggie Lovers.  I’m not vegetarian but I am an advocate for healthy eating! For world vegetarian day I celebrated with a nice arrangement of fall veggies. They’re good for more than just eating!


Here is a daily create we all probably do on a daily basis. Write your name in your own text. I doodle all the time in class so this is normal for me.


I did something a little different this week. I became Jim Carry. Well…if he was a girl, and not as funny, and had blonde hair. He is one of my favorite actors. I just get a hoot out of his silly gestures and funny way of saying stuff. In this video i did a seen from Bruce Almighty and a scene from The Grinch.

What about those childhood memories of home sweet home. I’ve lived in the same house since I was about 3. So i don’t remember any of the floor plans for my first house. But, I remember everything of the one I grew up in. This is just a sketch but here it is.





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