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Design Week!

There is a lot of concept behind design. Some things, such as color, would see to be obvious. But, they actually have a lot of details and thought that go into each concept of photography. It was fun finding picture to show each concept. I got quite a few!


Nothing is better then a good road trip. Been working on our radio project this week. Luckily some of my team mates are in my classes!


The daily create from this week were not my favorite. I like one’s where you have to discover stuff through photography. That is just my personal preference though. So, Instead, I embarrassed myself through video. I’m no Jim Carrey but I tried! :)


I did several designs. Well 15 stars worth of design that is! It was fun. I think I still have a long way to go with it though.

One assignment I did was with a picture i took from a restaurant. to make a title for a book. Random For Sure!


I also made a bumper sticker for my Ds106 class. I got some advice from CogDog and help understanding Gimp. This is an area I need to improve in. I use Gimp to edit my photos but it has been giving me a hard time. First I could not figure out how to move layers around on each other. Then, GIMP shut down all the side bars to help me edit. In the process now of figuring out how to bring those back up. Oh Brother!


Guess What!? Where the Wild Things Are is back. But in more of a modern term. Honestly ever since they made this book into a crazy movie I for some reason can’t get it out of my head.


Got to use one of the best breakfasts ever [may be slightly exaggerated ] for my assignment. How convenient that we had just formed a band in time for a band cover assignment.


Last, but never least. I created a trading card for Lord of DogTown! I watched that movie for the first time with a friend from Middle School. Kicking it old school and bring back memories.


I had a lot of work to do this week. I always enjoy creating though. This week wasn’t my strong point. But i’m still working on what I can.

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