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Why hello there, ds106!!  It’s good to see you!

3 papers, 2 days of the Poverty Conference, and 1 MILLION other things to do equals 0 time for the fun stuff.

Thankfully, I was able to read through the material for this week and get a jump start on thinking about and working on the assignments.  I would have been lost if it wasn’t for that.  So throughout the week, I looked for opportunities to take my design safari, make my daily creates, and looked for design assignment ideas (one of which went under the radio show group, and the fourth and last to be mentioned is here.  I also met with my radio show group and we all established our own roles in the film, as well as plunking out a more specific script to guide us for when we do record.

Tonight, I gave myself the task of getting all of these projects onto my laptop and getting them put into my blog.

This week has taught me that by far, the longest and hardest part of this class is the last of these steps.  Creating is fun, and, though occasionally frustrating, overall, it is not the most time-consuming part.

Organizing the work, making it accessible to WordPress, getting it into Word Press, and getting some posts put together in a clean, comprehensive, creative manner – that’s where the real work is.



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