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This week, my teammates and I met in Dupont Hall on UMW‘s campus to continue working on our radio show.  Haley took the reins for the overall scripting of the show, and Daniel made sure he had the audio recording while all of us together just brainstormed our way through the original format we’d put together last week, and did our best to hammer it out into a comprehensive script to follow.

Each one of us will be creating our own fake commercial for the station, our own bumper, based on our character in the show, we’ll each choose a song and turn it into a short audio clip for use on the show at various times, and of course, we’re each contributing our voices and a character that we will be playing in the overall show.  We’re also all still working on the idea of how to create an efficient bumper that will be no more than 3-5 seconds long, but will signify the passage of time, to allow us more flexibility while creating the show.  Coming soon, the actual recording of the show itself. *dun dun DUN!!!*

We’ll continue to meet together on Tuesday evenings, probably until the project is due.  It’s been nothing but a total blast thus far.

Maybe this is a good place to share my Radio Show poster, eh?

Should they go in????

I made this in GIMP.  It’s not at all what I had pictured in my mind, but then again, this is all pretty new for me, and I’m pleased with what I was able to accomplish at least.  I snapped a shot of a local radio station, edited the van to change its name to our radio station’s name, imposed the positives and negatives of the spot on the roof of the interior of my car, with the big question waiting to be answered just inside the car window.  I got a lot of advice from Alan‘s blog post on using GIMP.

Of course, this takes 2 of my required 15 for the week.

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