Churchill – Biggest Jerk in History?

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The truth about Winston Churchill…

My defamation of my good buddy Winston here is in honor of the True Lies Design Assignment.  Churchill is way too easy to pick on, really.  My honest opinion of him is that he was one of the awesomest, most intelligently sarcastic yet effective world leaders ever (or at least ever documented).  But I figured his sarcastic insults towards everyone else made him a worthy candidate to be insulted himself.  This was done in GIMP.  I basically upped the light on the image of Churchill, and tried to create a design of equally-sized boxes aligned together in a particular way – using the Unity design element, particularly utilizing similarity, proximity and alignment to make the boxes of text jump out in an appealing manner.  I stuck with black and white to keep the old feel that the black and white photo already gave it.

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