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Old School Style

All of my design assignments this week were found through clicking the Random button on the assignment repository pages. :)   Not that I did every assignment I came across.  I pretty much just clicked, waited a minute to see if I had inspiration, and clicked again if I didn’t, or got to work if I did.

This one struck an instant chord with me.  One, because no one else had done it yet.  Two, because, well, I remember this time period all too well.

I did a Google Image search for Old Windows Desktops and came up with the broken screen (perfect for depicting an old computer, I thought!).  I then used layers to create the grey border and the white typing space for the Twitter window I’d created.  And then, I entered in the text boxes individually, playing with the colors each time, then moving the text boxes around until they fit neatly within the space and worked well together.

So, for your enjoyment: The Wayback Machine! Old-school style!

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