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Okay yeah, so after reading the attention chapter some time ago, I am eventually getting to the blog post. Yeahhhhh.  I can remember while reading that I never have problems focusing while doing something, just focusing before starting. I would have to say actually starting something is the hardest part of my focus. However, as I continued reading the chapter and as I began to realize that it seemed as if our author was continually reiterating previous information, I did indeed begin to grow bored. I couldn’t help but begin to side track my brain on the other things in my life, problems, what I wanted to do at the moment, music, etc. and eventually I began to loathe the chapter from which I was reading. Seriously, he made that chapter that way on purpose, I swear it. It did make me realize how much I multitask, I mean, I literally have at least fifteen windows that I swap through on my mac when making or doing projects and assignments, it’s quite ridiculous. I think the largest problem with attention is the actual want or need to do something. It’s easy to focus on a good book, but at the same time, not easy to focus on dense studious writing.

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