Ahhh!! This class is almost over! Reflections from Week 7 & 8 Bundled Together!

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Radio Show Reflection:

Radio Show Reflection

Daily Creates:

Here is the link to my Daily Creates Post.


Recycled Media:

Recycling Media

Audio Assignments:

Here are all of the links to my Audio Assignments. This week we were assigned 10-stars worth of Audio Assignments for the Assignment Respiratory.

Jingle Jangle

Suess It

One-Man Play

Overall, I have to say this week really was not that bad! I actually liked doing all of the Audio Assignments in the Assignment Respiratory! An I also have to say that since they didn’t involve any complicated process I actually pushed myself and did the 3 and a 4 star assignment! Whoot! Whoot! I can’t believe that we are at the half-way point of this class! Seems like my Senior year and this class is flying right by me!

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