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Jingle Jangle

Write a jingle about a product that you like and then use your imagination. Extra points if you use an instrument.

Rice and Beans

So for our radio show, my group and I created a world in post-zombie-apocalypse. You should seriously check it out. But that’s a separate post.

When I stumbled across this assignment, I had the idea of trying to create something I could make a commercial for that wouldn’t infringe on any existing copyrights. I started to think about something ridiculous that might get capitalized on in a post-apocalypse world, if that was even possible. I decided that if someone made a product that combined two basic staples that are usually eaten together anyway, and made them quick and easy to prepare, it would sell like hotcakes. :)

So that’s the premise behind this. Major props to my hubby for helping me out on the guitar.

We didn’t end up needing my commercial, but I was already planning on using this for some of my audio assignment points for the week anyway, so here it is. :)   Enjoy?

This assignment was worth 3 Stars.

I can’t believe we actually did this. :P

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