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The past two weeks have been a lot of work. From our radio show to audio work I’ve been tinkering and learning all kinds of new stuff. Audio is a great way to create art. Honestly, i’ve never really thought of it as art. But, now doing these assignments i see how it is.

First off, My daily creates for the week: I had fun with these. There were a lot of photo options so i took advantage of that. I enjoy creating a story by a simple picture. Or even changing a picture to show something else. Check them out


Audio assignments were fun! I enjoyed twisting noises around. I had some trouble along the way but i’m excited with what came of it. Been learning all kinds of new things from my audacity app.

I did several check them out below:

Skit scatting


ChipMonk Funk

Each one of them is different. Some parts I was using my own voice and some I was changing someone else’s.

I found some cool pics that I had put in a file to use but never did.

They were named : Fireless Fire, Falling down, Path to the light, and Beautiful Unbelongings.

Our radio show was a roadtrip. This was great for me because I love road trips. I think we picked it as one of the options and then all drew around it and gave it life. We each put some of our own personality into our characters. We decided on a family trip and assigned characters. We communicated, for the most part, over the internet which was different for me. However, we got together with the roadtrip itinerary all planed out. We spent time recording live news. We wrote the script together and giggled as we each had to go out of our comfort zone somewhat. Everyone in our group worked well together. (sounds funny like we are little kids or something) But, we each did are part. Recording the live feed and then worked on our own parts. We wrote the commercial and then assigned parts. After recording we each made our own blurbs to put in the story and add as we went along. It creates the aspect of being pulled out of whats going on and hearing from the characters. All in all i’m excited and proud of our work.

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