The Mind Behind Gray Matter

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In case you haven’t figured it out, my name is Gray. It’s not short for anything, it’s not a nickname, that’s exactly what is written on my birth certificate. I know what you’re thinking, “Where did that name come from?” and if you’re a particular breed of unoriginal asshole “What are you’re siblings names? Purple? Blue?” (I’ve heard that joke a lot). Well, it’s my mother’s maiden name, and for some reason my parents figured it would be a good idea to take her last name and make it my first name. And thank goodness they did. I love my name. I have never been in a class with another Gray. It’s a great conversation starter. I even have my own intro just like “Bond. James Bond.”–”Gray. Like the color.” But never have I been more thankful for my name until it came time to name my blog. “Gray Matter” how perfect?!

So why am I writing? I’m the kind of person who likes discussing things and sharing ideas. My father and I discuss things together often. In fact, one of us is always taking an idea, something cool we read, or venting about the latest injustice to the other. Turns out, he’s not always right there to share my latest and greatest with. This blog is a place to share those ideas, and hopefully one day it reaches more than just Dad.


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