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I was given the task of evaluating the radio show a road to somewhere which can be found at

I really liked the bumper how it gave an intro to all the people involved with the show

I liked the intro show because it reminded me of Dr. Seuss but it lost my attention after about the first 2.5 minutes and it felt very long

I liked the accent of the person on the commercial it was a nice addition to the commercial plus the little jingle was nice

I enjoyed the bumpers and music in the show it gave it a nice feel that I can’t quit put my finger on

I felt that the audio was free of noise but I felt that the volume was low I had a hard time hearing the broadcast with my volume turned all the way up.

The use of music was nice and fit the tone of the person speaking at the time

The show did have sound effects and things that made you visualize a story instead of hearing words which was a plus in my opinion

The show had structure and flowed nicely but the only thing i could suggest was to move the first segment of the show to the end because it kinda slowed the mood of the show down.  I felt like the remainder of the show was so upbeat and it felt like the first segment was a unwind type of segment.

Out of 5 stars I would give this show a 3.5 out of 5


Reviewing the radio show that I participated was a little harder because I am very hard on myself and tend to me harsh in how I evaluate my own work.

I feel our audio was loud and my portion had a little echo to it from when I recorded it

I feel that our show flowed together nicely and each segment flowed into each other

I feel that we could have used more music I know that the segment that I did lacked something and I think that is it

I think that we could have used more sound effects but I think that the transition was clean between each segment

If I could change something I would add more effects to my show and spiced it up a lot since I was the intro I should have really prepared the listener to be excited about the rest of the show

I would rate our show a 3.5 out of 5

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