Autumnal and Haunting

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My group was asked to evaluate the Autumnal Radio Show. Off the bat, I felt like the sound of the campfire in the back was the most creative thing. I felt it unified the radio show’s theme while not being too distracting. I would have kept this as a motif throughout the show! This might have even helped with distracting background noise if there was any because any background sound could be confused as a crack from the fire! The volume was soft, sometimes too soft, but it’s much better than loud distorted sounds. Transitions were done well too, but got rough towards the middle. There was a mandolin used effectively and the bumper was effective because of the break that was calling for it too. The music used was not distracting at all and very soothing. The structure was revolved around Autumn and therefor the show stayed structured. The story was effectively done, and the switches from poetry, to Charlie Brown, Monster Mash, the Chipmunk Autumn Song etc, left me asking what they were going to do next, which added to the unknown. I would give this show 4 stars! I would take off for the soft volumes and the sometimes rough transitions, but there wasn’t much to negatively criticize. I would suggest speaking a little louder, and more sounds and music throughout the show, and maybe a better slam dunk finish.

My group was the Haunting Theme Park group. I felt that our audio was some of the best out of all the groups. Our audio did not get too loud or soft at any point. The transitions were the best I felt. They seemed to warp into one another well. The show seemed to be unified by the creepiness throughout. The way the music was portrayed at first sets up the creepy atmosphere, and later it would even simulate a heartbeat getting faster. In this way, the story kept a drama packed and unknown feeling. I would almost give out show 5 stars, but heck I might be a little biased because I helped contribute. :)
Both shows can be found Here.

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