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Here is my Review for my Radio Show:

-During some points in some of the interviews the volume was really low and I couldn’t understand clearly what each person was saying. Other than that I felt that the volume was at a great level throughout the show.

-I definitely think that there could have been a lot more audio editing done. Especially during the interviews where there were pauses, “ums”, or when the person being interviewed was thinking about what they wanted to say.

-Also I didn’t understand why one of the interviews was repeated. There should have either been a commercial inserted during that point or music playing.

-I loved the music and the sound effects! I thought they were injected perfectly throughout the show and they gave the show a lot of structure!

-I think that our show definitely told our story effectively.

-I would give our show a 4 star rating.

Here is my Review for Team RadTastic Radio Show:

-Loved the intro music to the show! It reminded me of the intro to a scary video game!

-I thought the sound level was great throughout the show.

-Wish they could have done more editing. I lost interests during some points while listening to the show.

-I would have also liked to hear more Zombie incidents! That would have made it a lot more interesting to listen too!

-Their music choice and sound effects were awesome! Wish they would have played the music for a bit longer though.

-The show did have structure, but I wish the story would have came off a lot clearer. I felt that they really weren’t in any danger except for the beginning and the end.

-I would give this show a 3.5 star rating.

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