Taking everything into my Hands and Creating my own Web Assignment!

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I honestly didn’t like any of the other assignments on the Web Assignment Respiratory….

I also noticed that we didn’t really have a lot of choice with the Web Assignment Respiratory so….I decided to create my own! I based it off my Storytelling Within the Web Assignment.

For this assignment the students basically have to pick a web page that features some sort of product. They basically need to alter the page changing the purpose of the product to anything they want. However, they need to do it in a way that will draw buyers in to their products and remember to not change the product! (Just it’s purpose!)

Here is the link to my assignment:

Change it up

I also created another assignment called Youtube It Your Way. I just made this assignment off the top of my head. The objective for this assignment is to simply alter the page ( not the video) so that it has nothing at all to do with what the video is about! Basically, confuse anyone who looks at their page.

Here is the link to the assignment:


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