Good Will Hunting

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I have learned a lot about this movie and have not even seen it all the way through. I discovered many facts through further research. During filming, according to Wikipedia, one ad-libbed scene caused the camera man to laugh so hard you can notice the POV slightly moving. Many scenes were shot in Toronto even though the story takes place in Boston. Wikipedia also shared what the film makers said about the development. They actually cut several well made scenes from this move simply for length issues.

In classifying the genre of this movie I used AMC Film Genres

It is a clear choice that Good Will Hunting┬áis a drama. According to AMC Film Genres a drama can be defined as, “plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction”. This precisely defines Good Will Hunting.

One of my favorite things I learned to notice in films this week was the way the angle is used to put the viewer into the story.

Ad you watch the collection of scenes notice how the shot puts you in the scene rather than far away looking in.



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