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Wow, this next couple weeks looks like a lot of ¬†work and many hours. I’m scared! haha especially with exam weeks and lots of studying all these assignments look like overload. Lets hope i’m wrong!

Here are three Video Assignments I plan to do in the upcoming week:

Show why Marshal Hall is the best Рi this project I will be creating my own film. A short film about Marshal Hall will hopefully be a fun assignment. I will be using my Imovie to put all the scenes together.

Joining the conversation will be the next assignment I plan to complete.

I plan to use a scene from one of the Step Up. I love this movie for the sick dancing and Channing Tatum.

a precisely done assignment would be This one

lastly I looked into The recursive camera. This assignment I will use my mac and my camera. I will decide later on what scene to recreate. This assignment will be a lot of editing and using of my own film techniques.


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